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Arquebus's Touch Portal set-up for Oolite

Renowned and Exalted Author of the Contextual Jukebox OXP


Contextual Jukebox OXP - in-game music which changes depending on context (safe travel/red alert/arrive at aegis... etc)


Distinguished & Inimitable YouTube Presenter of

Oolite 1.90 - Let's Play Poorly - Season 1 (2021)
Oolite unmodded - Let's Play Poorly (the "strict game")
Oolite 1.90 - Let's Play Poorly - Season 2
Oolite 1.90 - Let's Play Poorly - Season 3 (2023)


Arquebus gives details of his HOTAS/Touch Portal set-up here: youtube video

Despite this dating back to Dec 2021, at the time of writing (Jan '23) he has still been unable to get his Logitech X56 throttle to work with Oolite.


BB Threads include

YouTube playthroughs (contains Q&A on various aspects of the game)
Touch Portal
(WIP) Contextual Jukebox OXP