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Commander Adam is a Human from the peaceful world of Esrire (at least, to him it is). He started off with a Cobra Mark 3, which he claims had a crack in the roof, and 100.0 credits: so he claims that he only had 25.5cr. He went to visit Orramoar and 'accidentally' rammed into a Vintage Adder, and later discovered it was the famous ship designer, Be Soin or something. Anyway, the cops found out and he got sentenced to a life time in prison.

End of story, goodbye, the end-

Wait! still more! Fluffy, a black and white cat from the planet of Orramoar, helped him escape, and became his new co-pilot (the old one is still in prison). Soon he made millions of credits by assassinating more and more, until Fluffy told him not to shoot the Fair Wind, or he'd have to report. Adam agreed, but instead payed another Human to do so.

When he was twenty-five, his friend, Geon Brahen, a bright yellow wookie from the planet of Zaonce (they were only friends because Adam could keep on stealing money without him knowing), bought him a Cloaking Device, a Military Jammer and two hot plasma cannons! I'll let you guess how he used them...

Right on Commander! 6,000 kills!

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