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A little OXP which provides tracking camera satellites and a ship-to-satellite communications link. Both are available from tech 3+ equipment centres for the princely sum of 50 credits each. The satellite cameras themselves are pylon mounted and deployed in the usual fashion (like a mine).


To use them, with a satellite within scanner range select the visual link on your primable equipment list ("shift-N" on normal key-configs) and then activate using the activation key (normally "n"). You can then access the camera view using the ships external custom view screen (normally "v").

The satellite will maintain focus on the player ship,and continue to transmit whilst in range. If you go beyond this range then the camera will automatically self-destruct to prevent space-lane pollution. The cameras are designed to be disposable, and cannot be scooped or reused as they are too fragile. If you need to use normal external views whilst one is in range, simply deactivate the link again via "shift-N / n".

Not really designed for a serious in-game usage as general equipment, but more for making nice video clips for ooTube.


  • Tech Level - 3.
  • Cost - 50 credits.

Available to NPCs - no.


This OXP requires at least trunk version 1.77 of Oolite.


Tracker Cam v1.00 can be downloaded from Box.Com by clicking on the link.