Tech Shuffle

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Shuffles the TL at which equipment is available


By changing the Tech Level at which equipment/fuel is available, the nature of the game is changed.

Fuel in (very) low tech systems might not be available. Cargo bay extensions and ECM meanwhile both require high tech levels for both installation and repair. Therefore fuel scoops are more useful/interesting, missile combat is sometimes more dangerous and the gravy-train that is the large cargo bay is (slightly) discouraged.

	Technology		Classic Elite 			Oolite (added)
	Level			  Equipment	      		  Equipment

	 1			Missile				advanced navigation array (ANA)
	 2			pulse laser			external heat shielding
	 3			fuel scoops			advanced space compass (ASC)
	 4			beam laser			multi-targeting system (MTS)
	 5			fuel				system memory expansion (SME)
	 6			escape pod			passenger berth
	 7			energy bomb			maintenance overhaul
	 8			extra energy unit (EEU)		targeting enhancement (STE)	
	 9			docking computers		witchdrive fuel injectors	
	10			mining laser			wormhole scanner
	11			large cargo bay			shield boosters
	12			ECM system			integrated targeting system (ITS)
	13			military laser			hardened missile
	14			galactic hyperdrive		military shield enhancement	
	15			 n/a				 n/a

	changes from the Vanilla game shown in italics (for details of Equipment see Oolite Equipment)


Some thoughts on the elite equipment...

Fuel - was TL1, here TL5

Sun-skimming is actually pretty cool it just isn't very rewarding, this would make it an important gameplay element. TL 5 might seem a bit high but it's not purely about installing something but also having the infrastructure to supply it - maybe it's not that easy.

Large Cargo Bay - was TL1, here TL11

Getting another 15TC out of the Cobra MkIII would appear to be no small feat. Even if were only optimisation of internal layout that would likely be specialist work. I think it may have been so low as it represented a smart early purchase to really pay off in the long term but I actually think the early game would have been better off without it.

ECM System - was TL2, here TL12

Based on captured Thargoid tech but available at TL2. Hmmm... Missiles were more deadly in Elite if I remember correctly, and in Oolite they're much less so. Having the player be without it a little more often is no bad thing in my honest opinion and would help balance reducing it amongst pirates.

Military Laser - was TL10, here TL13

Not a big change, just using up more of the tech levels. It's supposed to be top of the range, the latest new fangled what-not, so why not?

Galactic Hyperdrive - was TL10, here TL14

This one just feels right to me. However far the player is jumping with one of these, it would appear to be a substantial old hop.


  • Author: Redspear
  • License: a matter of mystery!


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Fuel not available at low TL's and military lasers less available too. The inability to buy fuel below TL5 will make long trips to such systems (if isolated) almost suicidal until fuel scoops are fitted. Or one is willing to follow anybody jumping anywhere!
Tips: Try Station Dock Control!