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I think all the technical levels are wrong by 1. I am happy to fix this, along with putting in other stuff like how many planets are within 7 LY of a given planet (the Hub-count) if ok with others?--Dr Beeb 21:50, 2 June 2008 (BST)

Hi Doc, nice work in adding the table to Galaxy 1. The tech-level displayed is the tech level used in the code of the game. In the game 0 is 1. So when you want to code something in an OXP you always have to take 1 off. If you want to set the tech-level of a planet to 5 (eg for Lave) you'd set it to 4. This hasn't been done with planetnumber though. Lave is PN=7 rather than 8. LittleBear 3/6/08.

Hi LittleBear, first thankyou to you and everyone else who writes code for making such a wonderful rendition of Elite. Thankyou very much! The table I did is too big, so I plan to fix that and maybe move it to the bottom. And add other things like table of Tech Level. For the list of planets I was thinking of starting the numbering at zero, so that it agrees with the charts already posted. As for Tech Level, I would like it to reflect what the player sees when playing the game, but your point about the OXPs was something I hadn't realized. Maybe I should put in some disclaimer, explanation to others, about what is going on there?--Dr Beeb 19:49, 3 June 2008 (BST)

Summary tables for 8 Galaxies done. Galaxy 4 indeed has no Corporate States etc. Leera of Galaxy 6 ( #5) probably a good candidate as hub-capital of UPS (or other transportation company) as it has 16 other systems within 7.0 Light Years - higher than any other system in the 8 Galactic charts. New planet lists uploaded and can be compared to the old ones.--Dr Beeb 07:12, 7 June 2008 (BST)

Fixed rounding error, or more precisely introduced one, to get hub counts to agree with charts posted and the game itself. Distance between any two systems, measured in units of 0.1 LY, with galactic coordinates (xcoord,ycoord) and (xcoore, ycoore), naively given by

distance = floor(4*sqrt((xcoore-xcoord)*(xcoore-xcoord)+floor((ycoore-ycoord)*(ycoore-ycoord)/4))+0.5);

but recall that original Elite was 8-bit machine code so instead the following is needed

distance = floor(4*floor( sqrt((xcoore-xcoord)*(xcoore-xcoord)+fix((ycoore-ycoord)/2)*fix((ycoore-ycoord)/2) )) +0.5); .

One consequence is that the hub-count for Leera of Galaxy 6 goes up by 1 to 17.--Dr Beeb 05:41, 9 June 2008 (BST)