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This page is a mess.


  • Resize all pictures so that they are the same size - not too big.
  • Remove superfluous pictures: Numeric HUD does not need 14 pictures.
  • Possibly a new template for HUDs? Or a table?
Showing the following factors:
Large screen variant?
Large Scanner?
Clearly show alerts/condition?
Cargo Hold indicator?
Joystick precision indicator?
Hull indicator?
Sensitive Reticle for on target?
Gives distance to compass target?
Explicit warnings: missile approach/temp/altitude/shields/energy banks?
Docked HUD variant?
HUD selector compliant?
How many MFDs?
Optional Equipment lights?
OXP Equipment lights?
Author, Date, Oolite min version?

The most sophisticated HUDs seem to be Xenon, Vimana, Dangerous HUD & Z-GrOovY MiLHUD‎.