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Well done on your first page (if it really is)!

Minor matters:

1) What sort of OXP is it (for linking purposes): Misc? Ambience? Dockables? Retextures? I could find nothing in the oxp itself.

You add on {{ambience-OXP}}, {{station-OXP}} / {{dockables-OXP}}, {{misc-OXP}} or {{Retextures-OXP}} at the bottom of the page

2) How about weaving it into the Rock Hermit Lore? See entries on The Hermit Almanac & Famous Anecdotes in Rock Hermit (Oolite)

3) Other Links. You could add on (copy&paste):

== Links ==
*[ BB Thread] (2021)
*Author: [[User:Griff|]]
*Publisher: [[User:Cody|]]
*[[Rock Hermit (Oolite)]]

== Gameplay and Balance indicator ==
[[Image:tag-colour-green.png]] other colours: "red"/"orange"/"blue"/"violet")

Which should end up looking like this:


Gameplay and Balance indicator


Cholmondeley 22:33, 8 May 2021 (BST)

Actually a link with Rock Hermits could be the base for some nice lore, I am pretty sure I can use Griff's shaders for a hermit as well :D
Montana05 18:16, 9 May 2021