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Added in your Fer-de-Lance's description (looks very impressive, by the way) and just polished the text a little.

Was unsure what "An on mysterious high-tech based heavy fighter" meant, so guessed and edited accordingly.

Nice to have something for the lore of Biarge. When I started experimenting with Redspear's Weapon Laws, Biarge for the first time ever became very important in my game - the only nearby high-tech planet selling higher-spec lasers (they were illegal everywhere else!).

Cholmondeley 05:16, 29 January 2021 (UTC)

Thanks for the help, really appreciated. I changed the description of the Gecko again, hopefully now its more clear what I was trying to say. Good move to add the Fer-de-Lance G2, I totally forgot about it. Will take some days more before I could publish the ship, still some testing to do.

Montana05 2021/01/29 13:40

What about the Moray Guard Boat & the Sunracer Fighter Space Security Group (SSG)? And what about the System Shuttle, the Worm Prospector and the Special Interstellar Repair Facility (SIRF) itself S.I.R.F.. Who makes all of them? Could it be BUS?

Cholmondeley 14:30, 29 January 2021 (UTC)

Moray Guard Boat is a design of Marine Trench Co., Sunracer Fighter is part of the Vector ships and still under construction, honestly I didn't think about a lore yet, neither opened a wiki page. System Shuttle and Worm Prospector are improvements from SIRF now widely produced under license. SIRF V 2.60 should be released soon, the OXP is ready, but I am still hunting typos in the external packages. I have several ships for BUS in old OXP's, the tendency I have in mind are combat crafts rather than traders or yachts.

Montana05 2021/01/30 07:34