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Frugal fuel injectors which are dangerous to use!

This OXP rewires your Fuel Injectors giving you a new option when you use them. When you now use your injectors with your weapons toggled off, the injectors burn fuel at 1/25th the normal rate. But your shields' power supply is diverted to them so your shields go down very fast - and take time to recover.

Few people know, but modern injector coils use a much more efficient alloy which can sustain higher electrical current values. Fuel can therefore be ejected at higher speeds, which means that one can use less mass (fuel) to achieve the same ship speed. One could achieve higher speeds for the same mass, but fuel is limited and therefore considered more precious than higher speed. Furthermore, accelerations stronger than foreseen by the manufacturer may strain the ship's structure and even void your ship's warranty.

However one needs much more energy to get this higher current. Shields are the number one "electrical current eater" on a ship (it is function of the square of their size); turning off everything else wouldn't provide enough extra current to make a difference with regard to injectors burn rate, and it would be much more problematic.

This modification is often nicknamed "surjectors", which is a portmanteau word for "super injectors". Some people call them "diefastors".

This hack is perfect to overtake slow convoys in safe situations. Of course, if you misjudge the safety of the situation or if something unexpected happen, you can put yourself in serious trouble. No risk, no gain.

It should be compatible with OXPs that change the injectors fuel burning rate, like for instance Ship Configuration.

License & Version


Downloadable through the in-game Expansions Manager


  • BB Thread (2017)
  • Hard Way (part of the Strangers World suite of OXPs) enforces a similar penalty on every use of the injectors.

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Good things and bad things end up balancing each other out.