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v.0.8 MFD


This is an MFD.

See Star System Lane Indicator MFD

v.0.52 ASC insert


Star System Lane Indicator (v.0.52) is an enchantment to the Advanced Space Compass (ASC) which indicates what Lane your ship is in and/or quides you to the nearest point of a Lane. A Lane is a line which connects 2 points in the system.

Conventions - Examples of Lanes in oxp:

- Witchspace beacon and Main planet center, known as "Lane-1".
- Witchspace beacon and Star center, known as "Lane-2".
- Star center and Main planet center, known as "Lane-3".
- "Lane-A" connects Coriolis Station and Witchspace Beacon projection. "Lane-A" is parallel to "Lane-1".
- "Lane-B" is parallel to "Lane-1" and "Lane-A". "Lane-B" is 45 degrees clockwise turn relative to "Lane-A".....


- "Lane-H" is parallel to "Lane-1" and "Lane-A". "Lane-H" is 315 degrees clockwise turn and 45 degrees counterclockwise relative to "Lane-A".....
  • Shift+N primes the equipment, then B key chooses the mode of the equipment and then N activates the function mode.
  • This oxp also adds NPCs using this equipment to navigate to "Lane-A" to avoid encounters on their way to Coriolis Station.


Here are some short videos to showcase SSLI usage:

License & Requirements

  • Category: Equipment
  • Available at TL: 8 and above
  • Requires: Advanced Space Compass
  • Required Oolite Version: 1.86
  • Author: Wesfire
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Download: Extension manager in the game.


The older version looked absolutely super: it was complicated as bally heck with lots of superbly obscure twiddly bits. The newer version is much more prosaic. On the other hand, the newer version actually works.

The older version was inspired as ambience...