Sidewinder (classic)

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Sidewinder Scout Ship
Dimensions 35 x 15 x 65
Cargo capacity None
Armaments Dual 22-18 lasers;
Seeker missiles
Maximum speed 0.37 LM
In-service date 2982 AD, Onrira
Orbital Shipyards;
Spalder & Starblaze
Maneuverability CF 9
Crew 1
Drive motors deLacy Spin Ionic MV
Hull stress factor N/A; C-Holding C50
Hyperspace capable No
Game versions Classic


Designed by Faulcon deLacy and built in the Onrira Orbital Shipyards by Spalder and Starblaze Inc. to Galactic Navy specifications for a multi-purpose support craft. Mainly used for atmosphere and planetary surface scouting, but extensively too for city-strafing, reconnaissance and infantry air support (and by pirates who favor speed and elusiveness, its primary advantage). Has some interspatial capability not including hyperspace, and must be carried through hyperspace by jump-capable vessels. Hull is too small for the installation of fuel scoops, or more than one missile pod.

Dry Dock

During coding of Classic Elite 'dry-dock' code was used to view some of the ships during development (referred to as *VIEW on Ian Bell's web site). A movie for the Sidewinder generated using *VIEW run under the BBC emulator BeebEm3 is available here.

Jannah Berihn's Blueprints

Jannah Berihn (rabidvixen on our wiki) produced these back before 2007.

Berihn-elite-frontier-sidewinder-section.gif Berihn-elite-frontier-sidewinder-deck1.gif