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You can sell all of your cargo in the "Sell all cargo or find an alternative customer" item in Interfaces (F4) screen.

The market capacity usually limited to 127t for each cargo type. If you have more from something than the current free space in the current station then you will find an Alternative Customer using Interfaces (F4) who can buy your unsellable cargo but pays very low prices only (below the half), less if you want to sell more.

Moreover, sometimes you get conned or end up with a small bounty on your head, more if you sell more!

In stations with custom markets, they will buy all of your cargo instead of the excess only due to calculating the exact market limits are complicated since Oolite 1.81. You still can sell what you can in the F8 screen and then look into the interfaces when you have unsellable cargo to sell the excess only.

If you prefer the original limited markets only then change the $SellAllLimit variable to true and your chance for a customer will be reduced to zero.

This will sell custom cargo added by OXPs.

Incompatible with Commodity Markets OXP. Use MarketObserver OXP with the included mO-Commodity_Markets to get similar different buy and sell prices.



Oolite v1.77 or later.

BGS OXP if you want to see nice background on the Alternative Customer screen.

MarketObserver OXP if you use custom HUD to fix the possible misplaced market messages.


Unzip the file, and then move the folder named ".oxp" into the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Hold down the Shift key when you start the game first time until the splash screen appear.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0. If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to norbylite at


SellAll_1.29.oxz‎ (downloaded 1382 times).

SellAll_1.28.oxz‎ (downloaded 170 times).

SellAll_1.27.oxz‎ (downloaded 135 times).

SellAll_1.26.oxz‎ (downloaded 183 times).

SellAll_1.25.oxz‎ (downloaded 220 times).

SellAll_1.24.oxz‎ (downloaded 1397 times).


2015.10.18. v1.29 Fixed for Kiota stations.
2015.10.05. v1.28 Fixed for stations with custom markets since Oolite 1.81.
2015.10.05. v1.27 A fix for Rock Hermits, thanks to diagoras.
2015.09.15. v1.26 Compatible with Smugglers OXP.
2015.08.10. v1.25 The "Sell all" function moved into the Interfaces for Oolite 1.82.
2013.09.07. v1.24 Better messages, thanks to Cody!
2013.09.06. v1.23 Warning sound when you must watch your back.
2013.09.06. v1.22 Get conned or bounty when sell alternatively (thanks to Cody and Smivs).
2013.09.05. v1.21 Compatibility fix for mO-Commodity_Markets.
2013.09.04. v1.2  Alternative Customer added.
                  Compatible with AI Trading Assistant OXP.
2013.09.04. v1.1  Profit displayed with MarketObserver OXP.
                  Markets limitable to 127t with $SellAllLimit127t.
                  Sell sound added.
2013.09.04. v1.0  First version to satisfy the request in this topic: 

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.29 2015-10-18 CC BY-NC-SA 4 Sell all cargo to an Alternative Customer Mechanics OXPs Norby BB-Link