Sector1/Spaceway L1 (Route)

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General description

Spaceway L1

The Spaceway L1 starts in Lave, the heart of The Old Worlds in the far eight o'clock area of the Galaxy Sector 1.

Up to Aronar it runs parallel with the Spaceway L2, but then it loops through the Xexedi Cluster in the middle ten o'clock area, with Xexedi being the farthest system of the loop. from Xexedi, there is a short branch to Lerelace.

The detailed route of the Spaceway L1 is from Lave over Zaonce and Qutiri to Aronar, where it splits, and loops via Aesbion, Zarece, Reinen, Xexedi, Tibionis, and Isence back to Aronar again.



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