RRS Group Missions

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RRS Group offers missions to independent contractors in good standing. For insurance purposes, contractors must have Clean or Offender legal status to take on missions, and for reputational purposes, RRS Group prefers that those employed as contractors maintain a Clean legal status at all times.

As contractors build up a reputation with RRS for consistent service, the range of available missions will increase. You will be notified on docking if you have received a promotion, which will often come with increased access to the Waystation shipyards.


When you dock with a waystation, the currently available contracts will be displayed. Each available mission will be displayed with a summary mission classification. Cycle through the available contracts using 'View next contract'.

Mission Classifications
Urgency Length Danger Pay
Low No hurry In-system None expected 0-100 Cr.
Medium A few detours on the way are okay Adjacent system Only local pirates expected 100-1000 Cr.
High Proceed directly and don't waste time Within 25 LY Direct resistance to mission objectives expected 1000-3000 Cr.
Critical / Extensive Launch right now! Somewhere in this galaxy Heavy resistance expected; Iron or at least Bronze Ass recommended Over 3000 Cr.

Equipment marked as 'required' is either absolutely essential to complete the mission, or the mission will be considerably more difficult (and possibly feel impossible) without it. You might get away with it if it breaks half way through, though, and provided the urgency is not Critical you may have time to buy it on the way.

Equipment marked as 'recommended' will making completing the mission more straightforward, but it is not essential.


Select a contract that appears interesting with 'Attend mission briefing'

This will display further details of the mission, including the system(s) needed, the deadline, and information about your role. At this stage you can either accept or decline the mission. If you decline it, another contractor will take it, and you will not be able to return to it. If you accept it, your contract will begin.

Contract Types

RRS Group currently offers the following types of contract:

  1. Arafura Escort: Escort an Arafura Rescue Boat on one of its missions. Generally requires an immediate launch.
  2. Local Delivery: Deliver and/or collect materials within the current system.
  3. Local Emergency: Assist in dealing with a local emergency situation
  4. Personnel Rescue: Rescue the pilots of destroyed ships
  5. Search and Recovery: Locate materials from destroyed or damaged ships.
  6. Remote Delivery: Deliver materials to another system.