News Submission Guidelines

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The Frontier WikiNews is a place where you can easily post anything news worthy in the Elite scene - from projects, to news of new fiction being written, to a Breadbin sighting. However, to keep the news page clean, please follow these guidelines when submitting your scoop.


Formatting is very easy - it only needs a couple of bits of wiki markup.

To title your article, use the Wiki 'double equals' (example: == Some news article ==) for your headline, then write the article beneath. Then sign the article at the bottom by just typing four tilde characters (~~~~) so we all know who it's from.

New news articles should be put at the top of the page, so the newest appears first.

Keep it brief!

The Frontier WikiNews page should have a concise summary of each news article - a couple of paragraphs at the most. If you want to write a longer article - for example, an editorial or discussion piece, create a separate page for the main article. Then write a brief summary on the main page with a link to the main article. If you do this, don't forget to put it in the category News so it can easily be found if it's a pure news or editorial item.

Help keep the news page maintained

If there's more than ten articles on the news page, cut and paste the oldest ones into a Wikinews Archive page.

Present archives:

If you see spam or other abuse

Revert the page in the normal way - go to the page history, select the last good version of the news page from the history, then hit Edit and Save Page (without changing anything). Make a note in the edit summary that you've reverted the page to get rid of spam or other abuse.