Medical Designs Technology

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This small company specializes in the redesign of existing crafts for medical use. Their first introduction to the GalCop market, the Medical Shuttle, proofed to be a success in all sectors and laid the foundation for future developments.


While the Lambda Freighter T5-F01 never was a success for cargo hauling it had all a hospital ship needed. With the huge profits of the Medical Shuttle it was easy to purge some and alter them to orbital hospitals. While this project soon came to an end it nevertheless was another success. When an update of the GalCop interstellar conventions prohibited medical ships from carrying heavy weaponry the design of the company for the Moray Medical Boat - series 02 won the bidding of Marine Trench Co. for a modification of the well known Moray Medical Boat (Oolite) - series 01. After several companies demanded larger escape capsules for their hospital ships the design of Isis Interstellar was modified to a combination of a small shuttle and a lifeboat.


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