Masslock OXP's Summary

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Redspear's summary of his four Masslock OXP's (from the BB)

Power To Engines

Speedboost (150%) when weapons offline
Useful for escaping faster opponents (if they did same then they wouldn't be able to shoot)
Helps reduce duration of masslocks

Masslock Compensator

Speedboost (200%) when masslocked but cancelled by red alert
No benefit for combat
Significant reduction of time spent in masslock

Traffic Redistributer

Adjusts traffic to increase frequency of slower traders (and so that the 'best' courier ships aren't also the most common)
Station bound traffic becomes easier to overtake because it's usually slower
Pirates, hunters and police are unaffected

Masslock Reimagined

Masslock lasts for a fixed duration rather than until scanner is clear
No speed changes to either player or average encountered NPC
Taking fire negates the effect but possible to dodge your way out of a masslock without being the faster ship
Likely to make Masslock Compensators obsolete if it develops as I hope