Joist Industries

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Joist Industries is the largest business conglomerate in the Galactic Co-operative of Worlds (GalCop) and an integral part of modern civilization. They are the leading company for Naval research.

Joist is well known mainly due to producing autonomously working robots and military combat droids. They also produce communication equipment and several military equipment, partially classified and computer equipment.

They have built small air vessels for one or two person being used on planet as well as in close-to-planet military operation for special forces. They also are leading in the hyperspace research and had a substantial influence in the build of the known hyperdrives (though the research on the topic nowadays is very low as other research topics have priority).

Since several decades the company has bought or created a lot of subsidiaries for each of their development fields so the main company name is not more often heard in the public news. Large new research results or attainments are the main news to become generally known.

Joist was not involved in ship research and development since the beginning days of space travel until the detection of a Tiger MK1 ship by the GalCop Navy.