Galaxy Names OXP

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Names the Eight Galaxies on the F6 map as you travel between them. This OXP sets the title of the chart screen according to the Galaxy which you are in.

Available through the in-game Expansions Manager. It is to be found in the Ambience category. It provides an example of how to set distinctive titles on the long-range chart screens, instead of the usual numbered sequence, "Galactic Chart 1", "Galactic Chart 2", etc. The chart names in this demonstration reputedly originated in the Acorn Archimedes version of Classic Elite.

  • G1 Santaari
  • G2 Colesque
  • G3 Lara’tan
  • G4 Angiana
  • G5 Proximus
  • G6 Sol / Solans
  • G7 Jaftra
  • G8 Xrata

By Wildeblood (2014) who also wrote Distant Realms which names the regions on the various galactic maps.


  • Similar effects are accomplished in game by the use of GalCop Galactic Registry which although only accessible while docked through the F4 interface, lists all the systems in the region etc.