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Far Arm ships OXP

by Zieman


This OXP adds 10 ships (+variants) and 4 missiles, inspired by Paul Neurath's Space Rogue, to the Ooniverse.

Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


This OXP is available on the Expansions Manager and additionally here: Far Arms Ship 3.01


Note: the links below go to individual Ship Data pages.


Note: the links below go to individual Data pages.

Version history

3.0.1 - current version, bugfix for 3.0

Download Far Arm ships 3.0.1 from Box.com

- fixed typo in shipdata.plist (line 784) that prevented the Manchi missile working as intended

If you alrady have v. 3.0 you can fix the typo yourself, just by changing the line from:

ai_type = "ManchiMissileAI.plist";


ai_type = "FA_ManchiMissileAI.plist";

Another way is to rename the AI file to "ManchiMissileAI.plist"

3.0 - third release

- fixed textures per Svengali's suggestion, resulting in 10 mb smaller Textures-folder with no quality loss
- fixes shipdata.plist error and renamed some files that did not meet today's OXP naming standards (again, thanks go to Svengali)
- added populator script, to make some ships appear where their descriptions imply. 
- merged the Manchi populator to populator script (again, thanks go to Svengali)
- added the 3 missiles from Space Rogue and 1 extra missile.
- added ship scripts to let NPC versions of these ships have aforementioned missiles, and some communications.
- added a rare player version for a couple of ships.

2.0 - second release

  - normalmapped
  - tidied .plists
  - added Manchi populator script

1.0 - initial release

Download Far Arm ships 1.0 from Zieman's website


The ships roughly in scale


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