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Extra Fuel Tanks OXP
Name Emergency Reserve Tank
Cost 10,000₢
TL Availability 10
Extra Fuel Tanks OXP
Name Auxiliary Tanks
Cost 50,000₢
TL Availability 10


For centuries, all ships have been limited to 7LY of Quirium Fuel. This is mainly because the maximum possible jump is 7LY, a limit imposed by simple physics. However as fuel injectors became more popular it soon became clear that extra fuel was a desirable feature.

So the Beinbaagh Fabrication and Ductwork Co of Lequteor in Galaxy Four decided to develop a range of extra fuel tanks that could be fitted to all ships. They designed a modular system that involves several small tanks which are custom-built into those little corners and recesses that nothing useful would normally fit in. This way they are able to fit the tanks internally without taking up any usable space, and they are then plumbed together and linked to the main tank.

Although very space-efficient, this method does require a lot of work, so these tanks are both expensive and time-consuming to fit. Once installed they can be refilled and used repeatedly.

BFD decided to offer two standard installations, an emergency reserve tank which holds 1LY of fuel, and auxiliary tanks holding 3LY of fuel. These can be installed in any make and model of ship.

ExtraFuelTanks OXP

This OXP adds buyable extra fuel tanks.

There are two types of tank available. The Reserve Tank holds 1LY of Liquified Quirium Gas. The Auxiliary Tank holds 3LY of Liquified Quirium Gas.

You may only fit one type of tank, so decide which will be the best for you. The 'Reserve' is an emergency top-up, while the 'Auxiliary' is much more of a game-changer allowing you to be much more flexible in terms of refuelling by docking or sunskimming.

You can buy a Full Tank (10 000₢ for the 'Reserve' and 50 000₢ for the Auxiliary) from any TL10+ station. This will appear on the F5 screen as 'Reserve Fuel Tank - Full' or 'Auxiliary Fuel Tank - Full'.

The fuel can be moved into the main tank only when the main tank is empty. Once moved, the F5 screen will then show the Reserve or Auxiliary tank to be 'Empty'.

After use you can refill the tank. 'Refill Reserve Tank' for 10₢ or 'Refill Auxiliary Tank' for 30₢. The tanks can be refilled at any Main Station.

If you have a Reserve Tank, you can upgrade to an Auxiliary Tank. The Reserve Tank must be empty, and the cost of the conversion is 40,000₢. The new Auxiliary Tank will be full and ready for use.


These are primable equipment - 'Shift-n' to prime, and 'n' to activate.



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The OXP was developed by Smivs.

Version History

v1.8 Released 26th March, 2018. Code edit/correction to eliminate a parsing error (macs)
v1.7 Released 26th December, 2015. Bugfix update to avoid problems caused by empty tanks getting damaged.
v1.6 Released 3rd May, 2015. Bugfix update.
v1.5 Released 25th March, 2015. Update for Oolite v1.81. Some changes to operation.
v1.4 & 1.4.1 Released 27th/29th April, 2012. Bugfixes to correct errors in equipment.plist which were causing Macs problems, and repair issues.
v1.3 Released 22nd December, 2011. Bugfix to correct issue with broken tanks not being offered a repair.
v1.2 Released 18th December, 2011. Updated to be forward compatible with forthcoming ship OXP release.
v1.0/1.1 First Release 16th December 2011.

Oolite Forum thread

Any questions, problems or bug reports should be posted on this OXP's BB thread here

Other Fuel Tanks

  • Fuel Tank: one-use only tank holding 3ly. Mounts in a Missiles Bay. 70 ₢. (Ramirez 2014)
  • Internal Fuel Tank: one-use only tank holding 5ly. Mounts in Cargo Bay (takes up 5t storage). 100 ₢. (Stranger 2018)
  • Duplex Fuel Tank: reusable tank: (3ly). Cost: 62,000 ₢. Mounts in Cargo Bay (takes up 8t storage). Refillable by eg Sun skimming. (Timer 2013)

Gameplay and Balance indicator

Reserve Fuel Tank


Auxiliary Fuel Tank

  • Note that these fuel tanks are not as simple to use as the alternatives: you can only add their fuel to your main tank when your main tank is empty. So if you wish to hyper-jump, you will limited to a jump of either 1ly or 3ly with no extra fuel remaining at arrival. If you are in a fight and using your fuel injectors, again, you cannot transfer fuel whenever you wish but must wait for your main fuel tank to be empty.
  • On the other hand, they take up no cargo or weapons space.