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The Refugee Adder - do you try and protect it, or do you sell off the refugees as slaves?


Since the nature of Classic Elite/Oolite is a sandbox game where you make your own decisions about what the goals of your game actually should be, you decide your own ethics - and can add in OXPs which reflect this.

There are several sets of choices which you must make as a player.

1) Do you deal in illegal goods - and specifically, how do you deal with slaves?
2) Do you attack innocents and act piratically, or do you only attack when you yourself are attacked (or do you do something in between?).

These choices can be added to by adding such OXPs as Refugee Adder, Illegal Goods Tweak OXP and GalCop Missions.


  • Cheating - analysis of how one can cheat in Oolite (and relevant OXP's)
  • Slaves - list of OXPs which affect this aspect of the game
  • Piracy - list of OXPs which either allow a life of piracy - or which allow you to join groups fighting the pirates


OXPs adding ethical choices

  • Refugee Adder - do you help? Or threaten/attack?
  • Commies - this adds in the occasional escapee from the Astrogulags. Again, do you help - or attack?
  • Illegal Goods Tweak OXP - do you try and bribe the customs to look the other way?
  • GalCop Missions - do you accept slave-freeing missions?
  • Random Hits - do you accept any old contract as long as it pays - or are you more selective?
  • Hermitage - do you steal somebody else's Rock Hermit? Do you deal in illegal goods - or do you shut down the black market?
  • Life in the Frontier allows donations to charity and a fresh selection of vices!
  • Some of the missions also add in ethical choices - such as deciding whether to accept the Taranis mission, or the choices in Vector (you need to load up an older version of Oolite for this broken oxp).

OXP's which affect cheating

  • See Cheating for a list and discussion of these.