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Stores equipment - and also (legal) cargo


Sometimes, when you purchase a new ship, you want to include equipment you have already purchased. In the core game there is no way around this. If you sell your ship, you have to repurchase everything.

The Equipment Storage OXP provides an alternative. Every main station now has a self-storage facility into which your excess equipment can be transferred. An F4 interface screen, "Storage facility management", will be available that will show you all the equipment you have stored at this station or any other station, and allow you to transfer most installed equipment items into storage. Equipment stored in the current station can be either sold or reinstalled. Equipment stored in other stations can be sold or transferred to the current station, after paying a transfer fee, but depending on the length of the trip and the number of dangerous systems the transfer ship must take to reach the current system, you may end up losing the equipment.

Most cargo can also be stored in the facilities, and transferred between them. After selecting "Storage facility management", you will have an option to move cargo from your hold into the facility.

The cost of storage for most equipment items 1cr per equipment item per day. Some equipment items are categorised as software or having a negligible space or weight, and the cost for these items is 0.1cr per item per day.

Cargo storage costs are calculated at 1cr per ton per day.

Note: Storage facilities are only available at the main station in each system. If you dock at any other station the F4 interface screen will instead read "Storage facility information" and will provide details of what equipment and cargo you have in storage at the main station.

Note: Slaves, firearms and narcotics cannot be stored in any facility, by GalCop law.

Ship Configuration Integration

When the Ship Configuration OXP is installed, the interface through which equipment items are transferred to storage is moved into the Ship Configuration equipment item on the F3 Equip Ship screen. The F4 interface screen will still be available for viewing stored equipment, and for re-installation and transfer.

Note: Because Ship Configuration implements an equipment space/weight factor, the costs of storage could increase for some equipment items. The rate is 1cr per ton per day. See the Ship Configuration documentation for more information on the space/weight factor of individual items.


Place the 'EquipmentStorage.oxz' into your 'AddOns' folder and when you start the game, hold down 'Shift' until you see the spinning Cobra.
Alternatively, you can download the expansion using the expansion pack manager in the game itself.


Download EquipmentStorage.oxz v1.7 (downloaded 0 times).


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Version History


  • Added extra parameter in call to Hermitage OXP.
  • Fixed some potential referencing errors on mission screens.


  • Added missing entry in descriptions.plist.


  • Added Trail Detector item to override list, allowing it to be stored.
  • Added Mining IFF Scanner Upgrade item to override list, allowing it to be stored.
  • Added Rescue Stations equipment items to override list, allowing them to be stored.
  • Fixed issue with Ship Configuration items (Fuel Scoops, Heat Shields and Fuel Injectors) that were not being assessed correctly in determining when an item was in use.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added IronHide armour to the exclusion list.


  • Added ShipVersion's placeholder equipment items to the list of items that can't be stored.
  • Code refactoring.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added overlay to transfer cargo screen.
  • Cleaned up some instances where the core commodity name (eg "gem_stones") was being displayed, instead of the display name (eg "gem-stones").
  • Added interfaces to another OXP in development.


  • Corrected OXP name in manifest file.


  • Initial release.


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