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One of the largest dangers facing commanders today is dwindling energy supplies, either through combat or heavy use of equipment. So the researchers at the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation's ships equipment division have come up with two answers, the Emergency Charge Device and the Emergency Energy Unit.


Emergency Charge Device.

This special item is designed to act as an extra boost to the ships energy supplies in case of emergency. For safety it is pylon mounted outside the ship, so the fields generated do not endanger any other ships systems. Additionally the device is engineered to be triggered by standard pylon control systems. Each device is a single-use item, although it is possible to mount more than one on multiple pylons if you can spare the room.
Cost: 10,000₢, TechLevel: 6+

Emergency Energy Unit.

A variance on the Emergency Charge Device, the device is hull-mounted (no pylon needed) and linked to a special controller fitted within the ships system. It operates in exactly the same way as the ECD, but is automatically triggered by the controller when the ships energy levels become critically low. Somewhat more complex to fit, this item is a more costly but automated alternative more suited to combat pilots who need their pylons and have other things on their minds than watching energy readouts during combat.
Cost: 20,000₢, TechLevel: 9+


This OXP requires at least test version 1.74 of Oolite.


Energy Equipment v1.11 can be downloaded from Box.Net by clicking on the link.