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Duplex Fuel Tank OXP
Name Duplex Fuel Tank
Cost 62,000₢
TL Availability 12


Additional fuel tank (3LY) with duplex interaction with main tank. Improved technology allows one not only to pump the fuel into the main tank, but also to make the opposite action, for example, in skimming process. The Duplex Fuel Tank takes 8t of cargo space. It is excellent purchase for enthusiasts of long journeys — as now, You always can refuel ALL your tanks by Sun skimming or from the gutted fuel tank of an unlucky pirate (with the remarkable Fuel Collector OXP).


  • Oolite 1.77+;
  • You need at least 8t free cargo space for device installation;
  • You must have bought the Fuel Scoops before this becomes available.


  • Press Shift+n until you have selected the duplex tank as your primed equipment.
  • Press b to pump fuel from the main tank to the duplex tank.
  • Press n to pump fuel from the duplex tank to the main tank.


Download via the in-game Expansions Manager or directly from DuplexFuelTank v0.52 (5426 downloads)

Gratitude to

Smivs - thanks for all ;)


Other Fuel Tanks

  • Fuel Tank: one-use only tank holding 3ly. Mounts in a Missiles Bay. 70 ₢. (Ramirez 2014)
  • Internal Fuel Tank: one-use only tank holding 5ly. Mounts in Cargo Bay (takes up 5t storage). 100 ₢. (Stranger 2018)
  • Extra Fuel Tanks: reusable tanks: (1ly) or (3ly). Cost: 10,000 / 50,000 ₢. Refillable at main orbital stations (extra cost). (Smivs 2018)

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