Deep Horizon Advanced Navigation Computer

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Deep Horizon Advanced Navigation Computer OXP
Name Advanced Navigation Computer
Cost 1824₢
TL Availability 10

Adds a primeable piece of equipment that improves interstellar navigation in the form of fuel savings.

Release Blurb

A small blue-skinned humanoid approaches the podium in front of the assembled members of the press accompanied by an even shorter, squat, black-bodied avian with a white belly. He appears to have flippers instead of wings, and may be an Arritian. After scanning the room, the blue-skinned being begins reading aloud from his notes...

"Greetings all. I'd like to thank you all for coming today.

Deep Horizon Industries, in association with Gorth Consultancy Services, is proud to announce our latest technological delivery to the space faring populace. Available immediately is the ANC-42 Advanced Navigation Computer. While the exact nature of Witchspace is still the subject of scientific research, we are aware that it has certain directional flows. We at Deep Horizon Industries together with our project partners at Gorth Consultancy Services, decided to take advantage of these eddies and currents within witchspace utilizing feedback derived from the recently deployed GFL-1 Witchpoint Tunnel Demarkation Buoys. By extending the calcuation time before making a witchjump, our Advanced Navigation Computer enables vessels to successfully navigate witchspace in a more efficient manner that results in a lower overall energy expenditure for a witchspace jump. A pilot utilizing this equipment can save 10% of his fuel expenditures in this manner.

Additionally, we at Deep Horizon Industries would like to announce the separate development of the EWI-OS-5141 Emergency Witchspace Initiator or EWI. Developed independently of the ANC project, the EWI offers a new hope for pilots. Combat is a dangerous proposition, whether entered willingly to claim a prize, begrudgingly in defense of another, or fearfully when not of your choosing. Given time, it is also inevitable for pilots to find themselves in combat. Likewise, overwhelming odds, inferior abilities compared to your opponent, or simple misfortune will one day turn the tide of battle against every pilot. Retreat is sometimes a necessity.

The Emergency Witchspace Initiator makes the interminable delay between deciding to retreat and the actual act a little quicker. By allowing certain 'safety guidelines' to be optimized, the EWI-OS-5141 is able to lessen the time needed for the hyperspace motors to 'spin up'. This can be a decrease of 50% of the normal spin-time required. Vital seconds during an emergency.

My legal team however would like me to add the following statement: Deep Horizon Industries would like to remind all customers that all safety guidelines published by GALCOP are there for your protection. Bypassing or eliminating such protocols may result in misjumps, faulty navigation calculations, damage to ship systems, wasted fuel, and other side-effects. Deep Horizon Industries is not responsible for any undesirable outcomes from use of this product including, but not limited to, death by Thargoid.

Large Slow Ships

Some large, slow-moving ships (such as the Anaconda) may not be able to complete reorientation before completion of the normal hyperspace countdown timer. This is a known issue. We decided that accelerating the reorientation any more than current would ruin the illusion of size of such large vessels. So instead, we are allowing this 'bug' to exist for this release, and may address it in a future release of this OXP.

Equipment List

  • Akai Stella Automated Transport Routing Unit: Plots wormhole entry and exit event horizons in conjunction with Witchspace Navigation Beacons:
  • Dynamic Response Uridium Injection Dilator: Dynamically alters uridium injection into the drive initiator housing during exit sequence.
  • Proton Anti-Gaussing Anisotropy Neutraliser: Re-stabilizes the proton-focusing crystal in the drive unit's anti-gaussing field destabilizer into an isotrophic state.
  • Std. Heisenberg Atemporal Muon-Ambiplasma Navigation: Ensures asynchronous temporal wormhole exit by destabilising the witchspace exit meniscus only after the ship has entered the wormhole using ambiplasma-derived muons.
  • Witchspace Initiator Chromo-Channel Accelerator: Accelerates particles in the quantum chromodynamics channel to initiate a witchspace jump.


Version History

  • Version 1.0.5: Minor patch designating farpoint marker as unpiloted.
  • Version 1.0.4: ANC will now disengage if auto-docking is started during a jump countdown.
  • Version 1.0.3: Jump markers were not being removed if jump countdown was aborted by the player in some situations.
  • Version 1.0.2: A couple of small bug fixes for "item is null" errors. Adjusted function names to remove them from the global namespace.
  • Version 1.0.1: Updated to work with ANA navigation plotting introduced in 1.82.


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


If one is attacked waiting to enter Witchspace, there are complications! Unsure that they warrant an orange rating.