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Povray Planets aims to provide a high resolution texture for every planet in each galaxy - generated/rendered based on seed values in the spirit of Elite/Oolite.


This OXP is split such that the bulk of the scripting is provided by a base OXP , with the textures provided separately via Povray_Planets_GalaxyX_Textures. The aim of this is to allow modifications to behaviour and bugfixes to be released without the burden of another large download.

All textures are provided as cube maps 512x3072.

Minimum Requirements

Oolite 1.75 or greater

Download Location

Base OXP

Povray Planets base OXP 3KB - This only provides scripting support and is required by the texture OXPs. You don't need this OXP to use povray planets. It's support for playing with other planet/system texturing OXP's is poorly written. No longer recommended.

Galaxy Textures OXPs

Google drive - all 8 galaxies PovrayPlanets-GoogleDrive-nq8.png

Alternate Download Links

Due to bandwidth limitations, the above links may not work at times. If so, you can try these alternative links:

Base OXP, Galaxies 1, 2, 4 and 5

Galaxies 3, 6, 7 and 8