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Police IFF Scanner Upgrade Version 1.3.1 (18/12/11)

By Capt Murphy 2011

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 : Please visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ for more info.

Requires Oolite 1.75.2


Upgrade to the IFF (lollipop) scanner system which highlights ships with an offender or fugitive legal status with custom ‘lollipop’ colours to allow rapid visual identification of criminals via the scanner.


In a bid to raise funds to replace their ageing Viper fleet, and in recognition of the lack of control they are exhibiting over many of the space lanes, Galcop have licensed a civilian version of the IFF scanner unit used in Police ships to quickly identify criminals in flight.

Welcomed by both Bounty Hunters wanting that extra few seconds advantage in identifying targets and nervous traders wanting an extra few seconds to avoid potentially hostile pirates the unit is available from Tech Level 12 or above planets for the princely sum of 2500 credits. It can also be resold for 60% refund of normal sale price at Tech level 12 or above. There is a 10 credit admin fee to sell the equipment.

The unit complements the Bounty Scanner equipment and has also been designed to work well with the Target Autolock OXP equipment. It is particularly useful when players run into an ongoing furball to quickly work out who the ‘bad’ guys are.

Once installed ships (excluding Thargoids) with an offender status are displayed on the scanner as flashing yellow/orange ‘lollipops’, whilst fugitives are displayed as flashing orange/magenta ‘lollipops’, instead of the default yellow. If targeting and hostile to the player both offender and fugitive ships turn deep red on the scanner


Download from the box.

Change Log

Version 1: 19/6/11 – Initial release.

Version 1.1: 21/6/11 – Bug fix to the timer mechanism that updates the scanner to avoid log warning messages.

Version 1.2: 25/6/11 - Fixed a ‘silent’ bug in my use of Timer mechanism. Added code to stop Timer on player death.

Version 1.3: 24/9/11 – Added code to script so that scanner colours are always reset properly if the Police Scanner is damaged in combat.

Version 1.3.1 18/12/11 – Minor update. Code is now compliant with JavaScript strict mode. Fugitives now have orange/magenta lollipop colours to differentiate them slightly from hired guns.


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