IFF System

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The IFF (Identification, friend or foe) system, a flight grid scanner, comes fitted with every craft deemed space-worthy as it is integral to both navigation and combat. It is a sophisticated instrument that displays a 3D view of space in the immediate vicinity of your ship as seen from a point above it, and all other objects within.


Communications Display

If a ship within the scan range should broadcast a message, the IFF system will translate this as a ripple effect that will surround the flag of the communicating ship.

Cascade Explosion Display

The Q bomb's detonation (and cascade explosions) are also shown as translucent blue spheres with a magenta edge where they intersect the horizontal plane.

Zoom mode and Range Display

The IFF scanner can be zoomed up to 5x to allow precise navigation for intercepting smaller items. At any magnification the markings on the scanner automatically adjust to give a representation of target ranges.


  • Iffns-w.gif Unpowered objects unable to mass-lock the in-system jump drive.
  • Iffns-y.gif Powered craft.
  • Iffns-r.gif Powered craft identified as hostile.
  • Iffns-p.gif Police.
  • Iffns-g.gif Space stations.
  • Iffns-c.gif Missile.
  • Iffns-pm.gif Police on intercept.
  • Iffns-gy.gif Navigation buoys.
  • Iffns-rg.gif Thargoids.
  • Iffns-ry.gif Active Q bomb (about to detonate).
  • Iffns-bc.gif Wormhole.


All ships deemed space-worthy must have the IFF system installed


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