Weeviloid Hunter

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Weeviloid Hunter
Size (W×H×L) 18.6m×18.6m×54m
Cargo capacity 36 TC
Cargo bay extension
Maximum speed 0.364 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 3.6
Pitch: 1.5
Energy banks N/A
Energy recharge rate
Gun mounts Front (3 mounts)
Missile slots
Shield boosters available N/A
Military shields available N/A
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player No
Base price
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Who are the Weeviloids?

From the ReadMe

This OXP is by Aegidian (c.2005) and requires v1.52 or higher of Oolite.

It's an expansion pack designed to demonstrate some of the features of v1.52.

planetinfo.plist contains code for adding ships at a precise location and for an inter-system encounter in the interstellar space between Lave and Tionisla.

shipdata.plist shows how subentities can be made to rotate, fire lasers, and be destroyed individually.

The expansion adds one ship, and it's a nasty one. Triple firing lasers are not your friend.

There are two versions of this expansion, weeviloid2-PC.oxp's Config property lists are in ASCII format.

BB Comments

BB comment: It's more a demoship to show off frangible functionality (2006)

The Weeviloid Hunter is also notable, as the first of its kind and basically a design study for the use of multiple lasers and subentities on ships (Commander McLane, 2008? Great Deletion? - original post missing).


The weeviloid2.oxp containing the Weeviloid Hunter.

See OXP for details of what to do with it!


Weeviloid Scoutship

Author: Aegidian

This article about an Oolite ship is a stub. You can help EliteWiki by expanding it.