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"Commander LittleBear is a fierce genetically modified barrister, currently on the run for poking the Geisgezaian Chief Justice with a pointed stick. The dastardly brigand, flying a heavily armed Cobra Corvette, is hiding somewhere in the Esrire System. The princely sum of 8,745 Credits is offered to anyone who arranges his terminal recycling."

Wiki Pages and Download Links for Oolite Expansion Packs by LittleBear:-

The Assassins Guild (Missions / Ships / Planets / Stations)

Asteroid Storm (Mission / New Graphics for Asteroids)

Bank of the Black Monks (Feature / Missions / Ships / Stations)

Random Hits (Feature / Missions / Ships / Stations)

The Galactic Almanac (Ambience / Equipment / Missions)

Renegade Pirates (Ships)

Commander LittleBear was also vitally involved in sorting out Santa's presents...