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Some personal history

Computer games

I was one of the lucky youths who had a computer in the early days. We started with a gaming computer of unremembered brand, with a cartridge slot. Later we bought a Philips VG-8235 MSX2. A friend of mine had a Commodore 64.

My parents bought a game or two for that gaming computer, and once every few months, I could buy another game. I remember Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, Antarctic Adventure, River Raid, Pac-Man, Jet Set Willy, Skiing, Track & Field.

The Elite game was one of the games I chose myself. It came recommended by the seller in the shop, and it had two leaflets: a Manual with this attractive firebird on the cover, and a story called "The Dark Wheel". From comparing version on the web, I understand it was an Acornsoft version, no colour or sound as far as I rememebr, something like this. Although the manual I remember, strangely, looks like the Firebird edition.

Science Fiction

I have always loved science fiction and fantasy. Read all books by Isaac Asimov, Jack Vance (who also wrote fantasy and in general integrates fantasy elements into his science fiction), Tolkien, and many others.


Years later, around 2006-2007, I remembered the Elite game, and I started playing Galactic Trader at, till I made it to immortal.

I also read some stories set in the Elite Universe, which had developed much since those early years. Let me take this opportunity to acquaint you with Michael R. Vickery, and his Galactic Trader novel in progress (for ages now).

I also started reading newer science fiction writers, more of the military science fiction genre, like David Weber and Catherine Asaro.

The here and now

For whatever reason, in the beginning of 2016, my interest in the Elite Universe enjoyed a sudden revival, and here I am. :) I hope my contributions to the Elite Wiki will be helpful.