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{{Infobox Book| title = The Huge Plasma Accelerator I
#REDIRECT [[The HPA Saga]]
| name          = The Huge Plasma Accelerator I
| sub_title    = The Capitol Incident
| image        = [[image:LRC.gif]]
| image_caption = The Azure Sunset over Capitol
| author        = Elite Fans
| country      = UK/AUS/NZ/OTHER
| language      = English
| series        = [[The HPA Saga]]
| genre        = Science Fiction
| publisher    = [http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/FEU/feu.html FrontierAstro]
| release_date  = 2006
| media_type    = Electronic
| pages        = ??
| preceded_by  = -
| followed_by  = [[The Huge Plasma Accelerator 2]]
'' 'The leader spoke, an aquaphone taped to his throat. His voice echoed over the commlink in Norman's helmet. ''
'' 'Ssso Norman, you sseek to make a deal with ussss?' ''
'' 'Indeed. I wish to obtain a weapon' ''
'' 'What isss the nature of the weapon that you sssseek?' ''
'' 'A Huge Plasma Accelerator' ''
- Extract from "Side Project" from Book 1 of the HPA Saga
== Description ==
A fan-fiction story set in the FFE universe around the year 3307.  The main story arc involves the theft of a Huge Plasma Accelerator (HPA) and Imperial politics.  Various side stories occur along the way, involving fringe characters and stories.
It is written through the point of view of its multiple authors, whose own characters unwittingly get caught up in what was to become known as the "HPA sarrghhaa"
== Participants ==
*[[Norman Mosser]] (and crew)
*[[Jake Sommersby]] (and Jecht)
*[[Leif Ericsen]] (and crew)
*[[Red Ravens]] (and Bec, Dreyfus, Marcus etc.)
*[[Frantic]] (and some mysterious organisation)
*[[James K. Winston]] (and Mack)
*[[Jannah Berrinh]] (and Leila Berrinh)
*[[Rowan Weston]]
*[[Ocker]] (and a band of tyrants)
*Probably a couple more small contributors
== Norman's Crew ==
Although many of Mosser's legendary missions involved him alone, as his schemes grew, his need for hired help grew.  During the incidents of the HPA 1 saga, his crew included the following people:
*'''Sam Kemper'''
Norman Mosser's right hand man. The two have been friends for many years and Sam has diligently followed Norman everywhere.
*'''Mary Darkes'''
Mary is second in command and runs the [[Azure Sunset]]
*'''Benzedrine Moore'''
An Engineer and mechanic, Moore suffers from slight space madness and alcoholism.
*'''Annalise Berihn'''
A weapon loving lady, Annalise is from Diso and has worked with her aunty Jannah on the Long Haul Outpost. Tall, seductive and dangerous, she has the complete package.
*'''Roj Warfturn'''
This man is worth 250,000C to the Imperials.
*'''John Anders'''
An electrician by trade before joining Mosser's crew, he is the most stable of the crew.
*'''Lucky' Wal'''
== Azure Sunset ==
A [[Long Range Cruiser]] owned by Norman Mosser and equipped with a recalcitant Huge Plasma Accelerator.  [[Azure Sunset|Click Here]] for the main article.
== External Links ==
[http://daftworks.co.uk/elite/index.php/Fan_Fiction Elite BTF] has a PDF version of the HPA and HPA2 sagas, along with the "Past Prologue" compilations of what some of the participants did in the between.
[http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/FEU/feu.html FrontierAstro] has the HPA, HPA2 & HPA3 sagas in pdf and epub format.

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