Sector6/The Lost Worlds (Region)

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The origin of the name is jolly obvious!


See the discussion of Dead Ends at Geography


The Lost Worlds consists of the systems Beanxeat, Qutius, Estebiin and Tetier.

ID Name HC Position Gov. Eco. TL Prod. Pop. Inhabitants
0416:41 Beanxeat 1 (211,180) 4Logo64 Communism.png 4Logo64 MainlyAgricultural.png 09Logo TL9s.png 001574415744 MCr 4.1 Bln. Human Colonials
2026:202 Qutius 1 (213,199) 1Logo64 Feudal.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 03Logo TL3s.png 00020402040 MCr 1.7 Bln. Human Colonials
0556:55 Estebiin 1 (223,243) 7Logo64 CorporateState.png 3Logo64 MainlyIndustrial.png 12Logo TL12s.png 003388033880 MCr 5.5 Bln. Small Red Fat Humanoids
0336:33 Tetier 1 (221,253) 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 5Logo64 RichAgricultural.png 05Logo TL5s.png 00057605760 MCr 2.4 Bln. Human Colonials
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