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This bundle patches stations for extra planets using the default core stations and noshadered Griff's old grey Coriolis, Trade Outpost and Dertien's Z_GrOovy SML Tetra and Octahedron and Ico Systemstations instead. (requires stations for extra planets & Noshader extra stations resources)

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Author Griff, Ark, CaptKev, Dertien, amah

Version 1.0.1

Required Oolite Version 1.82

Information URL

License CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0


      • Z-GrOovY paintshed (Ze Griff's Ooniversal vinYl paintshed) presents ***

Z_GrOovy_System_Stations.oxp {1.0} 27-feb-2011

      • Contents ***

Right after a few days of tinkering with the code that almost drove me nuts, here's the result:

- 5 Stations using Griff's same texture and detail as his excellent existing Coriolis Station. Station choice is governed by a planet's production quota.

You will now find:

- Tetrahedron depots: Small station found in systems with a GBP below 4032 Million C. - Octahedron Outposts: Medium station found in systems with a GBP between 4032 and 6999 Million C. - Coriolis stations: Large (most common) station found in most systems and a GBP of 7000 and more. - Dodecahedron stations: XL station found in tech systems 10 and above chosen by game mechanics and not bound to GBP - Icosahederon stations: XXL station found in tech systems 10 and above chosen by game mechanics and not bount to GBP

      • Optional ***

ELS system ADD on (for Commanders who like a little landing challenge once in a while !!!

The ELS system (Elite Landing System) is a kind of glideslope ILS system as invented on earth in the 20 th century. It projects a holo of 3 beacons in front of the station's docking bay and indicates the ideal flight and alignment path. The markers are well spaced and shouldn't be a problem for pilots comfortable with manual station approaches. Hitting any of the beacons with your craft will be punished by instant death. No exceptions. That is the reason why rookies call it the "Corridor Of Death". The harshness of the penalty was enforced to discourage rocket-jockeys and rookies to disregard traffic regulations at busier starports. It is safe to let the docking computer (of installed) handle your landing when an ELS is present. Its use is limited to Dodecahedron and Icosahedron stations and some but not all Coriolis stations with tech level 6 and above. It is not found on Tetrahedron Depots and Octahedron outposts since they are too small to accomodate the hardware to project the holo.

      • Changes to the 3D models ***

- Tetrahedron and Octahedron stations built from scratch, added details ad texture from Griff's coriolis station - The Coriolis station is a clone from Griffs so no changes have been made visually, exept that it will not show up in systems with a GBP lower than 7000 not including. This means for the canon people that some planets like Lave, Zaonce and Tionisla for example still have their "vanilla" stations, and since I didn't want to change the gameplay too much visually I put the poverty barrier at 7000 Million Cr. - The Dodecahedron station is a modified model from Kapt Kev and Griff's station (the baydoor has been realigned and rotated 17.5 degrees, which tidies the model up a bit, something Gibbon put me up to do), and has the details and textures from Griff's Coriolis station. - The Icosahedron station is a model from PaGroove, and has been scaled up together with its docking bay with a factor of 35% to make it the biggest station in the Ooniverse. Don't worry it's only marginally visible and doesnt break the gameplay at all.

- I found this too good to leave out so I left the choice to the player as to install them or not. It does not have a bad influence on the AI ships. It doesn't kill them, because the AI seems to avoid it when coming in and out of dock, neat! also a reason why I left it in. remember, Commanders, it's YOUR game.

      • Debugging ? ***

Found something I can fix ? leave me a message on the Oolite BB, and I'll see what I can do.

      • Credits ***

A big thank you to:

- Giles Williams and contributors for Oolite. - Griff for his textures and details. - Commander Mac Lane for taking the time to explain the game mechanics of system population in great detail. - Thargoid for taking up the challenge of writing a docking tunnel (which alas wasn't possible to script didn't make it ingame as intended) - PaGroove for the model of his Icosahedron station. - Griff and Kapt Kev for the model of his Dodo station. - All the other enthusiasts on the forum.

      • Dependables/Requirements ***

NONE, yes I repeat, NO other addons are necessary, they are based on Griff's work but don't need them.

      • Installation ***

- A) Copy Z_GrOovy_System_Stations.oxp folder into the addons folder of your Oolite installation. (This will give you the 5 stations WITHOUT ELS)

- B) Copy both Z_GrOovy_System_Stations.oxp folder AND Z_GrOovy_System_Stations_ELS.oxp into your addons folder (This will give you 5 stations WITH ELS)

      • Legal bollox ***

This oxp is free to use, distribute, and following files in the "models" folder can be altered, changed, enhanced etc...without my permission.

- S-station.dat - M-station.dat

It can however not be used in any commercial product and cannot be sold. It is free software and should only cost you download time. I am not in any way liable if your break your Oolite installation using this oxp. Use at your own risk. I have successfully tested it and it works 4 me. Enjoy.


      • Z-GrOovY paintshed - Showing you new ways on how to be seen ***


Noshaders replacement Stations fo Extra Planets OXP ver 1.0.0 (10.10.2015)

  • replaces the secondary stations with the noshader extra station set.
  • needs stations for extra planets installed.
  • heavily based on Norby's Superhub for extra planets.oxp.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit