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Vincentz's 8 new green/yellow icons for his 8 economies (black silhouettes)

The New Deal splits up the 2 part economical system (agricultural/industrial) into 8 different markets, and changes the Imports/Exports for commodities. It also adds a slight randomness to most goods prices.


The current Oolite trading model is based on 8-bit Classic Elite which fitted into 32k of memory (Oolite v.1.90 takes up over 3,000x as much memory)! There were eight basic economies on a simple bipolar range from poor agricultural to rich industrial (there were eight of many things - species, government types, galaxies, etc).

While some prefer a tripolar economy (agricultural, mining, industrial), Vincentz came up with a four-polar economy:

... instead of having 2 economies (industrial & agricultural) of different wealth standards, which regarding commodities influence them along a single dimension (for example poor agricultural means lowest food prices and rich industrial means lowest computer prices), I suggest having four logical systems. They are:

  • Financial
(these are strong high tech political centers, imagine New York, London, Washington etc)
  • Industrial
(these are productive, manufacturing systems, imagine Europe in the industrial era or China/Asia in the modern day)
  • Extracting /exploratory/prospecting
(these are extracting/excavating resources, imagine areas in Russia, South Africa, Australia where they mine)
  • Agricultural
(these are planets with plantations/farms/sea resource harvesters, imagine rural areas with lots of farming)

each of the worlds would have 2 variants :


New icons for financial/extractive economies interspersed with traditional agricultural/industrial icons

The overall system would look like this:

Financial Stock markets and business centers

IMPORT : Luxuries, Computers, Furs, Gold, Platinum and Gems

Commerce Trading and retailing

IMPORT : Food, Textiles

Hi-Tech Industrial Advanced technical manufacturing

EXPORT : Computers, Alloys
IMPORT : Radioactives

Industrial Manufacturing and processing.

EXPORT : Textiles, Machines
IMPORT : Minerals, Liquor/Wines

Explorational Biological and Geological resource extraction.

EXPORT : Radioactives, Minerals
IMPORT : Machines

Prospecting Mineral surveying and excavation.

EXPORT : Gold, Platinum, Gems
IMPORT : Machines

Agronomical Scientific and technical farming and cash crops plantations.

EXPORT : Liqour/Wines, Luxuries
IMPORT : Machines

Agricultural Farms, pastures, plantations.

EXPORT : Food, Furs
IMPORT : Machines


  • Food Agricultural -> Commercial
Being produced in farming worlds and being sold highest in commercial worlds
  • Textile Industrial -> Commercial
Being produced in industrial worlds, and being sold highest in commercial worlds
  • Radioactives Exploratory -> Hi Tech
Being excavated in Exploratory worlds and being used in Hi Tech systems
  • Slaves Untouched
  • Liquor/Wines Agronomical -> Explorational
Being grown and distilled/fermented in agronomical worlds and used widely but especially in hard working exploratory/industrial/prospecting worlds
  • Luxuries Agronomical -> Financial
Being grown/produced in agronomical worlds (spices/coffee/exotics)
  • Narcotics Untouched
  • Computers Hi Tech -> Financial
Being produced in Hi Tech worlds and sold and used primarily in Financial worlds
  • Machinery Industrial -> Agronomical
Being produced in Industrial worlds and sold in agri/agro/pros/explo systems
  • Alloys Hi Tech -> Industrial
Advanced alloys are being manufactured in Hi Tech worlds and sold on to Industrial worlds to use them in large scale
  • Firearms Untouched
  • Furs Agricultural -> Financial
Ripped off of poor animals and sold to people who could afford wearing gold, but rather want to walk in dead skin
  • Minerals Explorational -> Industrial
Mainly extracted from exploratory worlds and sold to industrial worlds for further processing.
  • Gold Prospecting -> Financial
  • Platinum Prospecting -> Financial
  • Gems Prospecting -> Financial
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Note that this is unfinished, merely replacing the icons. Vincentz explained in his thread linked below that his programming skills were not the greatest... He disappeared back into Real Life shortly after proposing this, and has not been heard of since...
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