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Rumours have always abounded strange 'easter eggs' in Elite and its descendents, David Braben did nothing to discourage this, in fact: his inuendo strenghtened the credability of these sightings. The legends of Elite have been one of the great factors that have kept fans loyal, even after twenty years.

I'd like to list a few of the more notorious ones here.

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Space Dredgers

The elite manual mentions space dredgers. Immense factoryship agglomerates that scour space for debris, especially at battlesites. Best given a wide berth, they have the reputation of being unscrupulous in what they ingest.

Generation Ships

Huge colonisation vessels travelling through normal space at near-relativistic speed, many have still to reach their destinations. Of those that have, none have attempted to decellerate and have made no effort to communicate with welcome parties. Generation ships were mentioned in the manual of classic elite, and even present in the arc-elite version (?unverified, but I have seen pictures).

Unreachable stars

There are many unreachable planets in elite, rumour had it, that on one of these the Elite-pilots had their hide-out.

Owning a thargoid fighter

A definite hoax, it is not possible to own a thargoid fighter.

Not in FE2, not in FEE and definately not in Elite classic. Oolite is another matter, we can only say: "not yet".

Black holes

There were a few stars in FE/FFE that were un-approachable, those were rumoured to be blackholes.

Worm holes

Supposedly, there is a wormhole at the centre of the galaxy in Frontier.

This rumour has been affirmed by DB, but no evidence has been found in the sourcecode.

Rock Hermits

Mentioned in the elite classic manual, but never made it into the games. That is; untill Oolite.

(In)famous pilots

Commander Jameson, hero of the Thargoid wars.

Your persona in classic, your grand daddy in FE2/FFE.

Thargoid warzones

There are at least 50 warzones...in Intergalactic Space.


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