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== Download Location ==
== Download Location ==
Killit.oxp is available for download via [http://www.box.net/shared/rvoejesy13 box.net].
Killit.oxp is available for download via [http://www.box.com/shared/rvoejesy13 box.com].

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This is an OXP for all those of you who think that your turret-laden capital uber ship is still missing something. (And for those who want to simply blow somebody else's turret-laden capital uber ship out of the Ooniverse.) So here I present it to you: the final word in weaponry; the definitive end of the Oolite arms-race. Nothing will be able to top this again, ever.


Killit.oxp brings you three new and powerful weapons, available in any equipment shop of your choice, the right TL and a suitable amount of money provided. They are pylon mounted and launch like a mine.

(1) The Killit™ Superweapon. Instantly kills everything in scanner range. No mercy! Available at TL 6 for a mere 100,000 ₢.

(2) The Killit™ Megaweapon. Instantly kills everything in triple scanner range. No nonsense! Available at TL 8 for a full 250,000 ₢.

(3) The Killit™ Uberweapon. Instantly kills everything in the whole system. No joke! Available at TL 10 for a good 500,000 ₢.

(4) The Killit™ Pandoraweapon. Instantly kills everything in the whole galaxy. No, really! Available at TL 12 for a round 1,000,000 ₢.

(5) The Killit™ OMGWTFBBQweapon. Instantly kills really everything. No survivors! Available at TL 14 for an ultimate 5,000,000 ₢.

For less mass destruction it also brings you

(0) the Killit™ Missile. Guaranteed to kill your current target. Fire-and-forget. Available at TL 6 for a bargain of 30,000 ₢.

Notable Features

The Killit™ Missile fires like an ordinary missile, but leaves its target no way to get away. Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

All weapons of mass destruction fire three times in short row. The first blow makes everything around you explode, and the subsequent blows take care of the remaining debris. So there is really nothing left but you. If you use the Uberweapon, you will be alone with the sun, the planet, the spacedust, and the stars. Good for your framerate. If you use the Pandoraweapon, you will even stay alone in a full 256 systems. And if you dare to use the OMGWTFBBQweapon, you will—but why don't you find that one out for yourself?

Oh, and I almost forgot: As a little bonus the blast clears your legal status, too.


This stuff is insane. I am not even bothering to come up with an in-game explanation for these weapons. They are cheat, plain and simple! But they can be made, which means that one day someone is going to make them. So why not today, and why not me? And of course their price makes them perfectly balanced, doesn't it? So it may be no cheat at all.

So, if you happen to have OXPs installed which contain uberships, uber-uberships, and uber-uber-uberships, you will certainly love this OXP. Just convey my greetings to the next Battlestar or pack of Kirins you meet. Should be worth a couple of bucks, don't you think?

Minimum Requirements

Killit.oxp v 1.4 requires at least Oolite 1.74.

Download Location

Killit.oxp is available for download via box.com.