Galaxy Info

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GalaxyInfo OXP
Name Galaxy Info
Cost 1,000₢
TL Availability 10

From Okti's GalaxyInfo.oxp: see his collection at Guide to Unlisted OXPs

How many times, you have arrived in a new galaxy or needed a special equipment only available at certain TL. And if the wiki is down you can not reach the galaxy maps.

Or you want to find out about milk runs.

This equipment gives enough information about the galaxy you are in.

You can activate it by F6 F6 and then F5 while docked, or by priming Galaxy Info by shift(n) N and pressing n again.

It will display the systems with the selected criteria and will try to locate the nearest system to your position.

Known problems

Since this Equipment is heavily based on System.infoForSystem, confirmed bugs will not display the system. As an example you won't be able to display any system with TL 14 in G8.

I can make a fix to the OXP about those systems, but I prefer the trunk code to be correct to keep consistency.


Upgrade History

  • Version 1.1.0 10.01.2012

Added Functionality to display Seccom Command systems and corrected case sensitivity issue for .js file