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Fan fiction based in the Frontier universe.
#REDIRECT [[List of Frontier stories]]
* [[Between the Devil and the Deep Black Space]]
* [[Commander Mic's Logbook]]
* [[Envied the Dead Man His Freedom]]
* [[Eywtkaticawata]]
* [[Heaven's Reach]]
* [[Imprint]] - Actually set in the classic Elite universe
* [[Marcan Rayger]]
* [[Memoirs of a Rockjack]]
* [[Pritchard on the Frontier]]
* [[Swallowing Pride]]
* [[The Robin Sharrock Diaries]]
* [[Walking Shadow]]
* [[Memoires of Aleksei Corbeau]] - Part one: An Idiot
* [[Tom Sutherland]] - Some fan fiction in and around the frontier system Anquphi
[[Category:Frontier Stories]]

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