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This OXP allows you to celebrate your latest achievements with fireworks.


Have you just become ELITE? Have you just survived your first encounter with the Thargoids (and smashed some bugs)? Have you just finished a long and dangerous mission? Or do you just feel like celebrating or whatever reason?

Now you can do so! Just enter your current station's equipment section (F3) and order a Personal Fireworks Display. The station master will prepare an impressive display for you. Just launch, sit back, and enjoy the next minute. It all happens only for you!

The Personal Fireworks does cost a little, but you're worth it! Sometimes it's absolutely adequate to spend some of your money just for a display of your vanity.


If you liked the action, you can re-dock and have another Personal Fireworks. Or you buy the take-away versions, the Portable Fireworks or the Fireworks Missile! That's some fireworks packed into an empty mine shell - or a missile. You can mount it on an unused pylon and launch it whenever you feel like celebrating. Don't forget to switch to your rear view to enjoy the action. Everything is assembled and tested by experts, and there are no high explosives involved. Therefore the fireworks is not a weapon, it cannot damage anything. It's just a light show for you to enjoy.

Fireworks.oxp v 1.1 has sound effects for the fireworks added and fixes a small problem for stations with eccentric docking bays.


Fireworks with Trails: Fireworks-trails.jpg

Minimum Requirements

Fireworks.oxp requires at least Oolite 1.74.

Download Location

Fireworks_1.2.oxz (downloaded 8141 times).

Old version

Fireworks_1.1.oxz (downloaded 500 times) requiring Missiles and Bombs.oxp.

Fireworks.oxp v 1.1 is available for download via


Move or copy the file fireworks.oxp from its parent folder into your AddOns folder. Where that resides depends on your installation. Restart Oolite.


version 1.2 - works without Missiles and Bombs.oxp. Missile and bomb models and textures are made by Ramirez and copied here by Norby to fit into the "Ambiences recommended by Norby" metapackage without forcing to install a gameplay changer package also.

version 1.1 - changed the console message to a comms message, so it now gets logged - fireworkers are now spawned relative to player position instead of station position, so they appear in front of the docking bay even in stations with eccentric docking bays - added sound effects

version 1.0 (February 18th, 2011) - fully functional version - requires Oolite 1.74


Check the Fireworks topic.