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élite vs. Elite vs. Elite

The first, with the acute diacritic on the first "e", refers to a superior (group of) person(s). This may be written with an initial lower-case "e".

The second, without the acute diacritic on the first "E", refers to the GalCop Combat-Rating, and is always written with at least an initial capital, as defined in the original, 1984 The Space Trader's Flight Training Manual (SBG38/B1), pp. 9 - 10.

Since there is also a third possible meaning within this present context, it is suggested that all references to the Elite simulator (whether IRL or in-universe, or however else it might be interpreted) should be italicised, and also always written with an initial capital, as the proper brand-name of the simulator. It is recommended that this distinction be applied to all other proper brand-names and their abbreviations as well: Frontier: Elite 2 (FE2), Frontier: First Encounters (FFE), ArcElite, Elite Plus, Elite -- The New Kind (E-TNK), Oolite, Elite: Dangerous (E:D), etc. Failing italics in this particular case, quotation marks, i.e. 'Elite', should be used.

Of course, italics might also be used for emphasis referring to an Elite combat rating, but this fourth distinct meaning should be clear from the context within which it is applied. Failing italics for emphasis, ALLCAPS, or another, similar designation, could be used.

It is recommended that these distinctions be included in the Elite Wiki's Manual of Style. It seems as if such distinctions might lend some greater credibility to an author, by indicating that they are actually aware of the subtleties of the various contexts within which they operate.

While we're considering upper and lower cases... Regarding ship make and model names, an anaconda is a snake, but an Anaconda is a type of spaceship in GalCop Space. (Just as it is not a mazda mx-5, but a Mazda MX-5.) For consistency, it is recommended that all ship-types (and models) should be identified by initial capitals, even non-animal-types, e.g.: Mk I, Mk II, Mk III, Star Boat, (Orbit) Shuttle, Warship, Robot Fighter, Transporter, Interceptor, etc. ('Star Boat' seems to be a derivation of 'spaceship', and should therefore, ideally, also have been a single word 'Starboat', but decades of misspelling have now made it what it is.) ... However, Fer-de-Lance (lower-case 'de', and hyphenated), not Fer De Lance.

--User2357 (talk) 10:46, 10 January 2024 (UTC)

Ulite Namespace

Hi Folks, I've moved all the Ulite pages to be prefixed with Ulite. I've copied the convention used by this category.... http://wiki.alioth.net/index.php/Category:Oolite_JavaScript_Reference

Since it's fairly obscure stuff, I didn't think it was fair to take titles such as "Documentation" and "Overview". Some of the other pages had (Ulite) at the end of them. --Psylem 14:45, 7 December 2013 (UTC)

Is this supposed to be there?

Is this supposed to be there? or is this more spam? doesn't sound like a style manual to me!

lukjad007 Agreed. This looks more like an add then a manual on how stuff should be written.

Diederick agrees as well. Who wrote the original style manual? Can (s)he confirm this is spam?