Docking Instructions

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The command "requestDockingCoordinates" looks for the nearest station and guides the ship to its docking port.

If no station in the system exist it returns: NO_STATION_FOUND

The command "recallDockingInstructions" uses the previously found station and retransmit the last instructions.

Both commands are alike but the first time requestDockingCoordinates must be used.

If an other ship is in launching status it returns: TRY_AGAIN_LATER

If the ship is moving to fast or is turning to fast with a non-rotating station it returns: HOLD_POSITION

If the ship is already to close to give accurate coordinates (<1000 meter) it returns: BACK_OFF

If the ship is still to far away to give accurate coordinates (>12500 meter) it returns: APPROACH

If none of the above is valid and the ship has not moved much, approach coordinates in front of the dockingport are calculated and it returns: APPROACH_COORDINATES

The actual value of the coordinates depends on the distance to the dockingport.

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