Docking Computers OXP

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Created by Wildeblood on 3rd June, 2012, after a request by Bugbear, and withdrawn on 24th July, 2012, due to unresolved bugs.


Place the Docking Computers OXP into your "AddOns" folder. This OXP alters the game mechanics so that, when starting a new game, commanders can use the docking computer function immediately. However, each time they do so they will be charged a docking fee of 50 credits for contacting a station with an uncertified docking computer.

Needless to say, commanders who don't have 50 credits will need to perform manual docking.

To avoid docking fees, head to a planet of technical level 10 or above where, for a one-time fee of 1500 credits, you can have GalCop-trained engineers examine your Docking Computers and certify that they meet GalCop Standard GS40034 - Behaviour of Docking Computer AIs. After certification, you will never have to pay docking fees again.


Please use this forum thread for questions, comments or difficulties related to this OXP.