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The starting Cobra Mk.3 has a spare seat on the bridge and a berth for a second member of crew.

Crew Numbers

filched from the Classic ships pages in our wiki

Adders have 2
Anacondas have 40-72
Asps have 2
Boas have 15-28
Cobra Mk I has 1
Cobra Mk III has 1-2
FdL has 12
Gecko has 1-2
Krait has 1
Mamba has 1
Morays have 6
Python has 20-30
Shuttles have 6
Sidewinder has 1-2
Transporter has 5
Vipers have 1-10
Worms have 2


Interacting with crew is not possible in the Vanilla game, but has been made feasible by some rather elderly OXP's.

These are purely ambient noises and do not affect gameplay

The crew members tell you that they have turned on the ECM, engaged the torus drive, that the laser has overheated etc. They don't offer any advice! The Pilot Alien does the same as the Pilot but with a different voice.
And see Crew Soundset (2009+)



The presence of crew has not been implemented in Oolite. (In Classic Elite, one could not buy a larger crewed ship, and crew numbers were given for all the ships. The crew numbers disappeared in the Oolite listings, despite the ability to buy (crewed) ships being introduced.) Hence, there is no need to pay the salaries of the crew, but on the other hand they do not obviously do anything either! They do not repair damaged equipment. They have no impact on the timing of the Maintenance Overhaul. They are not arrested for being drunk and disorderly in the Orbital Stations...

The only oxp which considers crew in a realistic manner is Phkb's rock hermit management oxp - Hermitage

But cim introduced this back in v.1.79: Oolite JavaScript Reference: Ship#crew


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