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Wyvern Explorer
Maximum gross mass 35t
Empty mass 183t
Payload 148t
Main thruster accel 13.1g
Retro thruster accel 6g
Gun mountings 2
Missiles 2
Crew 3
Hyperdrive ranges Class 2:6.55
Class 3:14.75
Class 4:26.22
Standard drive Class 3
Fuel scoop yes


The Wyvern was an attempt to combine a larger trading ship with a faster multiple-role craft, and it was an attempt that nearly worked. What the designers ended up with was a craft that had almost enough cargo room to be a trading ship, and almost enough speed and kick to be a combat craft. It may have fallen between two stools in many people’s eyes, but to others it acts as a great all-rounder.

Notable Features




Absolutely no contender for the Asp Explorer. The Wyvern packs a few more tons, but is much, much slower. Avoid.