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Tionisla Chronicle News

Residents are very concerned! According to incomplete reports, the astro-engineering corporation "Stranger's World" is preparing for new transformations of the Ooniverse. As the head of the Stranger Corporation said - "... the result is very interesting."

We would also like to note that the close cooperation of the astro-engineering corporation "Stranger's World" with the suddenly appeared corporation "MAKS", which has already presented a number of its very bold and at the same time very promising projects, can really lead to global changes in the Ooniverse.

According to even more unverified information, Stranger went on "rest" for several days, however, it is assumed that according to absolutely unverified data, Commander Vasig made all this "mess"! Everyone knows that he is not a fan of giving any interviews, but this time he agreed. They say that this took place in the fifth galaxy on the planet of the "upper classes", in the most expensive restaurant and that he was not alone! ... Commander Vasig avoided generally accepted political and economic issues, but when asked how he imagines undiscovered planets ... he just took a napkin and drew an ordinary abstract globe right there on it!

The editorial office is already receiving a lot of letters and e-mails asking if this is a joke. And what to do with the acquired property? Unfortunately, there are no answers to these questions yet, we must wait for the return of Stranger.

At the same time, the editors are very concerned about the involvement of Commander Vasig in this case. If something goes wrong, there will be someone to throw stones at, and he just drew a globe ...

10th July 2016

Need to add an analysis of economics to that of game mechanics at the top of the page.