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a list of what I may want to do in the wiki, should I feel up to it, have the impression it won't be controversial etc. etc. :


  • Planet_Scanner and subpages to Dr Beeb's userspace - is WIP for years, Dr.Beeb not been seen on BB or here for 18 months now.
Dr Beeb has been back (most recently in 2019) ... Cholmondeley 23:09, 20 March 2021 (UTC)
  • [Ryan_Hoots]] to [user:RyanHoots]] , if he does not do so himself soon.


  • a category: users ? (first ask on bb)
  • Strict Mode / Strict Play is explained nowhere in the wiki. :-o

but here :


  • Teretrurus_Mk.I.oxp - obsolete or missing data in the databoxes, I think. maybe add 2nd box, for 2 ships contained in oxp ?
  • Extra_Energy_Unit - add pictures, make things clearer (will not show as additional in Hud, either extra or naval, more)
  • Factions_OXP - screenshots with default colour coding
  • Advanced Navigational Array - find / make routes/screenshots that show better the diff in shortest in distance/time, replace 1st picture with a destination chosen, place 2nd picture as 4th picture.
  • change [Trumbles]] from a redirect to a dab page : Trumbloids or Help, Trumbles! (linking to FAQ 6)


  • [[Bounty_Hunter] and [Bountyhunter]] - redundant


  • Asp Mk2 Aegidian Special from Asp Mk.2 core-ship

ask / discuss

  • Should stuff either be only in Oolite Subcategories or in Sub- AND main category/ies ? - e.g. [Calliope]] or [Finis]]

Oolite equipment oth. is listed in category:Equipment only.

  • How come there's no article about tribbles (or trumbles) in Elite ? The preserved Elite FAQ mewntions them having been a mission in Elite. Odd.

Hm ...

(just my opinion - maybe controversial - so just a reminder to me when nothing else is left to do (ETA 2025 AD) )

  • do not really like the layout of category:Oolite_Stories , list of pages contained at the top would be nicer ?