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psuamier is another Nickname I recently use with some boards and kickstarter as my other preferable got abused in some cases. I played Elite first on a Amstrad CPC machine with my friend (this version as I have read is meanwhile freely available). On other platforms like C64 and Amiga I played it too, though a bit less intense.

AFAIR I played FE on the Amiga though I was disappointed by several problems and bugs.

As the next FE2/FFE was not available for my platforms I did it play only much later when several derivates already were available. I think I played it with the dosbox clone (now a must for many recent OSes). I liked the game a lot though I found it much easier to play.

Last year I was lucky enough to hear about E:D via a Kickstarter campaign. As I was not really convinced by other space sims (due to the missing Elite/Frontier feeling) I was happy that I could still make my pledge before the race was over.

I have discovered Oolite already some years ago but did only recently detect the potential (mainly thanks to the fact in improvements in the graphical department) and also because I wanted to train a bit again until the beta version of E:D is released. The available plugins really overwhelmed me and so I'm now checking them out, creating missing Wiki pages for some OXP and having fun with Oolite all the way.