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Being bored one day, I plugged in "freeware games download" into Google, and found Oolite. I like science fiction and fantasy (although they seem to be bitter rivals on the 'net, kind of like ninjas and pirates). I installed it, but didn't start playing it for months as life intervened. It took me about 10 minutes of playing it to be completely hooked, and I immediately wanted to know more about the game, and followed the link from the Oolite home page to here and the BB.

It reminds me strongly of the science fiction roleplay game Traveller by Game Designers Workshop, which was later massively expanded and then republished as MegaTraveller; I loved both editions dearly, but needed to sell up my collection in my student days as I had stopped playing and needed the cash. I remember my players taking their merchant ship from system to system, buying and selling goods and having adventures along the way.

I am soooo impressed that Giles Williams made this game scriptable in nearly all of its aspects. The creativity that has been unleashed on this game is breathtaking. I love games that get fan input like this (I'm a big fan of Warcraft III because of this - fan made maps add huge variety to the game).

To Do

I have done some programming at work, but there's huge gaps in my knowledge. I'd also love to have a crack at 3D modelling and scripting a mission or adventure.

But what I do at work mostly is analysis and documentation, so that's what I can contribute right away.

  • Finish table on OXP page ensuring each OXP download is linked to its relevant documentation:
    • Finish putting in all Ships from the ships page into table
    • Put in Stations
    • Put in Equipment, etc. etc.
    • Reformat table with alternate coloured rows
  • Start having a go at completing missing ship documentation
  • Document alternate HUDs
  • Document alternate sound sets (need ideas!)

... and then after all that, I might even check out creating my own OXPs.